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Market your Cannabis Flower, wax, or edibles


Get the most for what you have, or list your products for a fixed "Buy Now" price.

Buy Now

List your cannabis for sale or make a purchase at a specific price. Either way, you know what other sellers are listing for, and what your market is willing to pay.

Testing Facilities

Visit the Testing Facilities portion of our site to access our list of trusted partners.


Contact us at to host ads for your company, testing facility, cannabis products, or cannabis accessories.



become a vendor

Becoming a vendor with the New Mexico Marijuana Market is quick and easy. Once you are signed up with an account and your business is confirmed, you will be authorized to post products for auction or sale.

Once your delivery is completed by a third party private courier, the buyer will send photos to prove receipt of your product(s), and the transaction will be finished. With this information confirmed, the funds from the buyer will be transferred to you. 


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Related Products

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